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Your Favourite Radio Station And You – Top 5 Reasons Why We Love When You Call Us

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016

Your favourite radio station would like to share with you some of the most important reasons why we love when you call us! Certainly, it not only fun to call your radio station, but there are also numerous reasons why your radio station would encourage you to call whenever you can.


1. We Know We’re Doing Something Right

Namely, when you take time to all your favourite radio station, it shows us that we are doing something right! Certainly, all local radio stations try to discuss topics that are interesting to their listeners. Once we know that there are a lot of people feel involved in the program and want to participate in the program, it really shows us that we are on the right track. In addition to that, even if you are calling just say that you would like to listen a program about the different topic, it still shows that you are there, present and listening.

2. Getting Feedback Makes Us Better

feedbackNeedless to say, but your feedback is what makes us better. Whether you are calling to say how much you are enjoying the program, or whether you are calling to complain about the program and left for something else, the feedback from our listeners it was felt that navigate through our listeners interest and really appealed to local listeners and discuss local topics that are interesting to our listeners.

3. It’s Our Radio Station

In other words, our local radio station belongs to all of us. It just equally belongs to people who are working on the programs, as those who are participating in a local radio station programs. All of this is what makes local radio stations much more valuable, and truly interesting to its listeners. The sense of belonging is what appeals to listeners and what makes a local radio station a true success.

4. You Can Share Your Opinions And Thoughts

speak up

If you are looking for a place where your voice will be heard, perhaps you should call a local radio station. If you have something to ask, or something to share, it’s always advisable to call your local radio station in share your opinions and thoughts. In addition to that, you will be sharing your opinions and thoughts with people who truly care about them, and in a place where you are opinions and thoughts are truly valued, important and discussed where it matters the most. Also, if you want to start a change, and be achieved that you would like to see in your local community, calling a local radio station and speaking out to people can make all the difference that you would like to see.

5. Keeping It Local!

It is important to be involved in local community, because ultimately all the things that you are interested in, and all the things that affect you directly, are in your local community. This is why it is advisable to call your local radio station, and why our local radio station loves when you call us! We’d like to also thank our local sponsors who help support all of our efforts.

What is Community Radio?

The DJs and station managers at KPOO, KUSF in Exile, Mutiny Radio and Radio Valencia give you some insight into community radio in the Bay Area, how it works and the challenges they face.

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How Do Radio Stations Make Money Through Advertising?

Posted by on Jul 24, 2016

While radio isn’t as popular as it was in its heyday, it still brings in billions of dollars each year. The majority of the money that stations made is earned through advertising.

The advertising space on radio station is sold by a dedicated sales staff. They work to find clients who want to air radio ads, and find the best places for their ad slots. These sales people don’t work with a single radio station. Instead, they typically work with a number of stations.

Many of these sales people are paid through commission, which means that they are extremely dedicated to finding advertisers. When you listen to the radio, you will notice that there are always plenty of ads; this is the reason why.

The cost of a radio ad is largely dependent on two things: the time that the ad airs, and the length of an ad. Ads that air during common commute times tend to sell for a premium price; the number of people these ads can reach is very high. Ads that air at night tend to cost significantly less.

If a potential client doesn’t have an ad ready to go, the radio station will work with them to find another solution. It’s very common for radio hosts to have to read a few advertisements while hosting their show. While these ads can be expensive, the client doesn’t have to pay for the ad itself. Because of that, it may provide the client with a better return on their investment.

Radio stations have been making money off of advertising for a very long time. As long as people continue to listen to the radio, stations will keep on earning money in the same way. Sales people will work hard to sell all of the ad space that they can.

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